Monday, October 31, 2005


So NO ONE and I mean NO ONE ever comes to "Trick-or-Treat" at our house....even though we have friends with kids that live 12 minutes away (Yes you guys, I have it TIMED!). :-) However, Gerry STILL went out and bought THREE bags of candy on the CHANCE that we might have one lone "Sponge Bob", "Princess" or "Bob the Builder". The only one eating the guessed....GERRY! He said, "What we don't give away, I will take to Jim's hunting". I rolled my eyes. I think if he could dress up in a costume and shrink about 3 feet, he'd knock on the door all night.

****Okay, so in the MIDDLE of my muttering about no "trick-or-treaters", we had a pile of kids show up! (Thanks Shawn & Dee). I had to take a picture because this will go down in history as the SECOND time in SIX years that we have had children come to the house!

Generally, because we don't get the excitement of kids coming to our house, I have a lot of fun putting together little "scooby snacks" for friends and their kids. I only got to see one of the kids open their little package of "scooby snacks". Miss Abby said, "Is that my name spelled out"? I giggled and said, "Yes"! Once I opened the treats for her, she wanted to know what was in the little additional bag, so I opened it for her (it's nail polish) and she said, "It's PINK...that's my FAVORITE color"! Then, she proceeded to show me her other nail polish collection. TOO CUTE!!!

So, to all of my friends whose kids I didn't get to me some pictures! :-)


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