Monday, April 24, 2006

"Crack Lady" Has FINALLY Moved!

Jamie (a.k.a. "Bo") and I are flexing our big muscles as we await for the first delivery of my grandmother's belongings! My grandmother was dubbed "Crack Lady" several years ago when my experience of her was tarnished by an outburst she had with my mother on our way back from dinner! It was like a MONSTER had invaded her body! She flipped out and tried to slap my mother's hand and it completely took me by surprise. Of course, I'm always being teased that I'm the "Golden Child" because my grandmother LITERALLY favors the point of embarrassment!

In years past, I always had a high regard for her because I had never witnessed any OUTRAGE or INSANE behavior. I thought everyone was being overly dramatic. NOT the case! I have witnessed it several times since then and that is how she ended up with such a nickname! She's always mentally "cracking" up over something.

This time, it started as a complaint about the new house that my parents built on THEIR property! My father and my husband as well as my Uncle Steve & cousin Shawn, put their BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS into building this new space for her. She decided Sunday to start complaining about how she moved "too fast" (mind you, we've cleared our schedules on two separate occasions to move her) and would have preferred to do it a little bit at a time. Then, she continued on, complaining about the windows that she never got to pick out but were installed in her house...the exact kind she wanted. She then started disparaging my mother and how "awful it was going to be living right next to her"! Welllllllllllllllllllll, that was when I lost it and perhaps my life long title of "Golden Child". I don't think I've seen my Italian temper flare up in YEARS like it did in that moment! I threw respect out the window and told my grandmother just how I felt! It was not pleasant or very lady like. My sister and Jamie ("Bo") were absolutely beside themselves with astonishment in their eyes! Even I shocked myself!

I ended up leaving and going to help my mother at my grandmother's old place. I told her what happend and my mother said, "See, I told you that she's like that and you always stick up for her". :-) My mother said, "The good thing about all of this is that she will never remember that you yelled at her because she's loosing it".

My grandmother ended up coming back to her house and I couldn't find anything to hide behind! I was SCARED!!!!
She looked at me and said, "Are you done being angry with me"?
I said, "Yes".
She said, "So, do you think I should have kept my mouth shut or do you owe me an apology"?
I said, "Yes, I will apologize for the tone I used but I will not apologize for what I said because I meant it".
It actually felt good to stay grounded in how I really felt. We hugged and I'm pretty sure I still hold the title of "Golden Child". We shall see......

She really does have a heart! It's just lost in years of abuse and lonliness!


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