Sunday, May 07, 2006

Men Bowling for cash against a "Mexican"

Forrest (American) Jim (Mexican) Peter (Arab)

A group of us went bowling this weekend and the men decided it would be better to bowl for cash. You can clearly see that Forrest and Peter are slightly concerned about their score and that Jim is VERY excited to not only be one of the first Mexicans to make it over the boarder but win some BIG cash! Ha, ha, ha! I think Peter (Arab) ended up winning most of the lottery and has plans to use some of that to buy me coffee TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY!!!!

Forrest trying some of his devilish tactics to swoon Kristin away from bowling strikes all night by diverting her attention and buying her alcohol....

Justine and I celebrating our "00"'s the first few strings!! We both ended with some decent scores in the second game! I even beat Gerry, Peter and Rob with a 136 in the second game! Wha-whooooooooo!!!! My game ended up turning around when Rob yelled, "Nice Ass". It seemed like everytime he shouted it out, I bowled a strike! THANKS ROB! Peter tried but left me with one pin standing! Sorry Peter, you didn't have what it took! :-)

We've got team "red" here with Justine and Tracy sporting matching T's!!! Watch out for Tracy....she may be CUTE but underneath all that is one HIGH BOWLER!!!! Nice job Tracy!


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