Thursday, June 22, 2006

WHA-WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! 9 Days & Counting....

CAN YOU SAY, "TROUBLE"??????????????? I came home from work tonight and walked through the door and smelled the aroma of a very expensive Cigar. There is NO SMOKING in our house so I wondered who could have possibly been here smoking. :-) I walk out onto the porch to find Gerry smoking a cigar and talking to Geniza on the phone. He said, "Nize is coming up next weekend". I said, "No way"!!!!!!!! Sure enough, she is taking the company jet up from the south and coming to stay for the holiday weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so exicted I can't even stand the wait!

Geniza and I have hit it off from the beginning. She is down to earth, fun loving, easy to get along with and likes to have fun! She has a heart that spreads sunshine all over the world and I just adore her. Usually, she will send me an email when I haven't heard form her in a while, that she's been to the "Bahamas for the weekend" or to "Las Vegas" checking out Hotels/Casinos and it's "work related".

The one thing I love to do....besides my other many "love to do's" is entertaining! I absolutely love to get my guest bedroom all ready and the guest bathroom all set up with accoutrements for those staying at Le casa de Tomasita. (That was my name in Spanish Class). This means I get to go SHOPPING for a little "guest" gift. I will finally be able to use the glass water pitcher that Justine gave me!! I cannot wait! This makes this years 4th of July worth looking forward to! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))))

Just wanted to share my good news today!!!!!!!!!! Wha-whoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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