Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dinning at "De la Casa Tomasita"

This year we had the annual dinner party for the men that work for Gerry! I had such a fun time designing the dinner table this year. It was centered around the snowman napkin rings that Peggy got me one year for Christmas!

Debbie walked into the dinning room and said, "You didn't disappoint me". She said she was looking forward to seeing what I did this year with the table and even remembered what I did the year before! Ha, ha, ha! Of course, I bumped into her at the Christmas Tree Shop one afternoon and she did't see me.....I walked up and said, "Are you shopping for a hostess gift for me". She and I both laughed. She did come with a NICE candle holder and candle that was perfect for the dinner table! Thanks Debbie! :-)

The one thing that the men raved about was the fruit tart that I made! Steve and David were fighting over the last piece!

I had such a great was nice catching up with the girls and visiting with everyone. I also love that they look forward to it every year! :-)


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