Sunday, January 14, 2007

Miss Camryn's Fundraising Mission!

This picture doesn't do ANY justice for seeing this in real life! My friend Julee put this basket together to donate for a fundraising event for Miss Camryn. Miss Camryn is my friend Jaime's niece. She's seven years old and recently had surgury to partially remove a tumor in her pallett. This is just the beginning. :-( A friend of the family wanted to host a fundraiser in an attempt to contribute financially to huge medical bills that will come from her recent and ongoing treatment.

Where that Gerry and I have been unsuccessful in having our own child/children, I have been commited to discovering ways that I can continuously make a difference in the lives of children. This is one thing that came from that intention.

I generated an email inviting friends and families to be a part of Miss Camryn's fundraiser. I have received quite a response from many people. My friend Becky is interested in donating original artwork from a local Maine Artist. Another business woman is donating a basket filled with scrapbooking materials. My sister-in-law made a cash donation. I have a lot of people buying raffle tickets. Melissa has retired Beanie Babies she's donating. It's nice to see communities from all areas come together to make a difference in the life of of a child that they don't even know.

What brought me to tears was Jaime inviting me to the fundraising event. The SAME DAY that our office is contributing to "Give Kids A Smile" (free dentistry for children), is the same day that they are sponsoring a dance/auction in honor of Miss Camryn. :-(

If there is one thing I have gotten out of participating in Landmark education, is sharing my life really makes a difference for others.

Thank you everyone for participating, for looking within yourselves to be a contribution to this little girl.

Peace & Love!


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